Let all that you do be done in love.

I am a Street, Event & Birth Photographer from Wellington, Cape Town.

Hello & welcome to my little  corner of the world! Let me tell you a bit about myself..

I am a photographer and creative at heart, always looking for ways to express what is inside.

Photography as a career has never been something I thought could be taken seriously, until I did. I took a huge leap of faith from the Events & Tourism industry and never looked back.

An exciting journey in the least, learning everyday, adjusting to new environments, meeting new people and pushing everything I have into a business that is growing everyday.

Today, almost 7 years later, I am at a place I never thought possible, and a place that gives me immense fulfillment. Photography is what I do and what I was meant to do. It makes me happy and more than that I cannot ask for.

I specialize in Birth & Events and a proud member of the South African birth Photography Association.

Have a click through and enjoy!