I am a Street, Event & Birth Photographer from Wellington, Cape Town.

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I have always been creative at heart, but photography as a career, an outlet for that creativity, was always just a dream. One of the reasons I never thought to pursue the option.

After some years in the Event and Tourism industry, I noticed an ever growing need to spend my time more wisely, be that pursuing a dream long thought out of reach or just enjoying the comfort of a warm cup of tea on the porch. The next adventure would be on my terms. With this in mind, my “hobby” quickly became my driving force. Having an outlet for my creativity through an image showcasing a moment in time and being the guardian of that moment, has brought me joy and pride beyond imagination. The days are however not without challenges, there are no handouts, no comfort zones and lots of compromises. I would however not change this for the world.

I am blessed to be in the field for more than five years. My hobby, has changed into a business, a way of making a difference in the lives of others, a way of living creatively and on my own terms.

Come along on this journey of excitement, growth and constant development.

I look forward to years of pursuing my passion while continuing to be of service to you!

Areas of Interest: Corporate Events, Commercial, Birth and Street Photography as well as Photo Book Design, layout and Print.

* Member of the South African Birth Photographer Association. www.sabirthphotographers.com